The Sacred River Of Creation

by Illuminertia (DJ Mantras)

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It's time to seize the day and embark upon a mind blowing, awe inspiring journey along The Sacred River of Creation. Behold a powerful, impactful, unique blend of break beats, orchestral arrangements, cinematic symphonic layers, operatic vocals, chanting, vinyl samples and other high quality instrumental snapshots from around the globe. All the audible components are blended together seamlessly into a relaxing yet stimulating concoction that allows the listener to think for themselves and question ridiculous nature of unnecessary control systems. This super sonic elixir of the deities was specifically designed to uplift you as well as inspire you to be the very best version of yourself you can possibly be. It may even become your best buddy on a long road trip. Warning! Side effects may include doing interpretive dance moves in your underwear in front of the mirror after a hard days work. By exposing yourself to this creation you may even find yourself morphing into a more creative, compassionate, bold and romantic human being. If your open to the idea it might possibly even result in some sort of profound transformation on a physical, mental or spiritual level. So swoop on it now and spread the love!


released April 15, 2015

Eric Dean Montross - DJ Mantras (Producer, Composer, Axiom MIDI Instrumental Work & Orchestral Arrangements)
Mickey Hart - Hand Drums & Other Rare Percussion Samples
Anna Vanderford - Flute Loop on Sacred Break Dancer
Cait- 8dio Vocal Samples
Vienna String Library
East West Collections
8dio Instrument Collections
Kontakt 5 Collections



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Illuminertia San Francisco

Fell in love with music after I picked up a cheap gold spray painted mic back in high school and spit a rhyme over a beat my buddy Curtis made with a simple beat machine and a four track. We started a band and I've been producing tracks ever since. Learned rhythm beating on the Djembe in the hills. Moved to the bay in 2005 to interact and be inspired by the diverse array of creative souls here. ... more

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